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Here at Bedford Judo club we provide affordable prices for both our Junior and Senior players. The first lesson you have with us as a beginner is free for all players who want to try out judo with us. Our lesson times stand at: 19:00-19:55 for junior classes and 20:00-21:30 for senior classes.

Sessions are on a Monday and Thursday.


Junior Prices

Junior Subs are £35 for three months. 

£32.50 for siblings for three months. 

Dojo fees for guests are charged at £5 per session.

14+ when moving to senior sessions will still pay Junior prices until the age of 18.

Matial Arts Training

Please note: Payment is now taken by bank transfer. 

Senior Prices

Senior Prices stand at £70.00 for 3 months.

Dojo mat fees per lesson are £7.00.

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